Warehouse 508

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Warehouse 508 and New Mexico Xtreme Sports provide a youth-focused, youth-driven avenue to introduce, develop and professionally implement skills in urban arts and extreme sports. We inspire, cultivate and empower the imagination, talent and creativity of New Mexico’s young people in a safe, structured and supervised environment where youth explore their potential and are encouraged to create opportunities for themselves.

 Warehouse 508 programs include: Mural Arts, Fashion Design, Digital Arts, Filmmaking, Photography, Breakdancing and Poetry. We have a Rockstar program, DJ classes, a recording studio, and a sound and lighting engineering training program. Warehouse 508 is operated by New Mexico Xtreme Sports Association (NMX), which offers opportunities for young people to explore the world through snowboarding, skiing, BMX, rock climbing, rappelling and skateboarding in Albuquerque’s only indoor skate park.

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