Prospective Arts Management Minors

Considering a minor in Arts Management?
First, make an appointment with Regina Chavez Puccetti, Area Head – Arts Management Minor at to discuss your career interests and how the Arts Management minor can help you move towards your goals. At your appointment you will complete a form to declare your minor in Arts Management as well as receive an Arts Management Progress Worksheet to track your courses.

Second, make an appointment with Ramsey Lofton, Supervisor – Community Education & Internships to begin a conversation about possible internships that suit your career interests.

As a declared Arts Management Minor, we will send you information about courses, events, and opportunities that will connect you to the professional arts community.


  • NOTE 1: All Arts Management courses, except FA 495, do not require prerequisites and are open to all majors. Students do not have to be an Arts Management minor to enroll in FA 495 Arts Management internship, but declared Arts Management minors have priority status with course registration and internship assignments.
  • NOTE 2: The Arts Management Program encourages all students in the arts to arrange for an internship for credit. Students may make their own internship arrangements or make an appointment with a member of the Arts Management staff the semester prior to the semester the student wishes to do an internship to discuss options.
  • NOTE 3: All students should have periodic degree audits to ensure progress and prevent delays in graduation due to incorrect data entries, conflicts in double counting courses, and a myriad of other transcript issues that can arise. Self-manage your degree progress like you would want to mange your own business!