Internship Job Postings


Click on the photos above to view Intern job descriptions. To apply, please use the contact form on each organization’s page.

Please make sure you meet the following criteria:
You have completed the core requirements and declared an UG or GR Arts Management Minor (15 crs for UG; 12 crs for GR). You are ready to plan an internship. You have a specific internship opportunity with an arts organization and wish to discuss enrolling in FA *495 Arts Management Internship prior to completing the pre-requisites. You understand this meeting is to discuss options that include meeting course requirements. You are a CFA senior or CFA graduate student within two semesters of graduating and you are interested in an internship opportunity in your field of interest. You do not have a minor in Arts Management and you cannot fit it into your schedule prior to graduating. However, you are willing to enroll in either FA250 Introduction to Arts Management (UG) or FA*450 Seminar: Professional Arts Mgmt (GR) prior to or concurrent to the semester you are seeking an internship.