Making the Arts Smart Business


Great video from Sarah Dallas! Thanks, Sarah, for this fun and informational glimpse into work, play, and life at Warehouse 508. We’re glad to hear the Arts Management minor prepared you to be an awesome Venue Coordinator and a model for community arts leadership. Click the video to watch.

30 second Elevator Speech Contest video!

Check it out! On April 21, 2015,the Arts Management Program held a Meshworking event in the UNM Art Museum. One of the highlights was our 30 second Elevator Speech video contest. Students were asked to give a 30 second speech describing who they are as a creative. Click on the video to see their speeches!

New Job Posting Available!

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Prospective Arts Management Minors!

You are in the right place if you are interested in self-managing your career in the arts; want to work for an arts non-profit; start an arts related business; or, want to become an arts entrepreneur or independent contractor within the arts sector.

There are many paths to where you want to go. Let’s get you started on a path that is the most direct.

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News and Updates

Keshet Ideas and Innovation Center Workshops

The Keshet Ideas and Innovation Center (KIIC) is New Mexico’s business resource center for arts entrepreneurs, equipping creative industry businesses with the tools for success. Click here for more info.

UNM Public Art Guest Lecturer in the News

Sherri Brueggemann, Manager of Albuquerque’s Public Art Program, gets interviewed by Benjamin Sutton of HyperAllergic online magazine. If you were in Sherri’s class, Public Art Project Management, this past Spring then you know all about. If not, check out the fascinating Public Art project her class created for the conceptualized city of CITE located in southern New Mexico. Click here for more info.

Artist or Arts Entrepreneur?

How about both. Read “Facing Facts: Artists Have to be Entrepreneurs” in the online performance magazine HowlRound. If you’re ready to face facts, consider registering now to take Arts Management’s new online course FA470 Adv. T: Arts Entrepreneurship. Click here for more info.